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Remote controls with magnet holder

Remote controls with magnet holder

Remote control unit consisting of receiver with antenna, hand-held transmitter with 3 buttons - air, air/material and stop. Suitable for all IsoPro

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  • Only available in Scandinavia


A good business in providing cavity wall insulation and other types of insulation requires the best equipment. With an insulation machine or injection machine, the most difficult recesses can be reached quickly and effectively and optimum results are ensured.

The Danish firm Isoleringsmaskinen ApS designs and manufactures some of the most effective machines on the market and of course equipment such as hoses, connectors, reduction pipes and, not least, the all-important jets that makes cavity wall insulation possible with minimum disruption to the rest of the building.

Insulation and injection machines from Isoleringsmaskinen ApS are always constructed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Maximum operating life to ensure the highest possible returns

  • Minimum moveable parts and hence fewer repairs

  • Maximum flexibility to cope with the highest number of tasks

  • Optimal transportation, ergonomics and user-friendliness

With an insulation or injection machine from Isoleringsmaskinen ApS, you are assured of professional support and service from a Zealand company.

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Basic information

  • Our machines are able to blow with all types of granules
  • We are highly experienced insulators
  • We have a large selection of accessories
  • We have the right safety equipment
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