Sådan oprydder du let isolering og byggemateriale fra loft og bygninger

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How to easily clean insulation and building material from ceilings and buildings

In the construction and renovation industry, cleaning is often a time-consuming and difficult task that can take focus away from your primary activities. With ISOPRO1 VAC, a robust and innovative vacuum cleaner developed by Isoleringsmaskinen A/S, you can quickly and efficiently remove insulation materials and construction waste from a variety of surfaces and constructions.

Lars Christiansen
Lars Christiansen

Director of Isoleringsmaskinen A/S

Revolutionize the cleaning process with ISOPRO1 VAC: The indispensable vacuum cleaner for professionals

Versatile use

ISOPRO1 VAC is ideal for professional insulators, contractors and demolition workers. The machine is designed to effectively remove insulation granules, insulation batts, leca and other construction waste from ceilings, floor partitions and cavity walls. It is also an extremely useful tool in connection with cleaning up after fire and water damage.

Recycling or disposal

With this machine, you have the option of either recycling the materials by transporting them directly into an insulation machine or disposing of them in sacks or a container. This duality ensures that you can adapt the machine to different types of projects and needs.

The technology behind the efficiency

The ISOPRO1 VAC is not just a powerful vacuum cleaner. It goes one step further by breaking up the materials before sending them on to a large big bag. This process reduces the need for manual sorting and makes it easier to recycle or dispose of the materials. This can be a big time saver and help make your projects more financially sustainable.

ISOPRO1 VAC helps a wide selection of technicians, contractors and craftsman companies every day. By making the task of cleaning up building material easier.

Why choose ISOPRO1 VAC?

Increased efficiency

The machine's ability to suck and break up the materials means you can carry out your cleaning tasks up to 70% faster than with traditional methods.


With ISOPRO1 VAC, you get the opportunity to tackle a variety of projects, from insulation removal to cleaning up after damage or other tasks, which increases your company's efficiency in cleaning tasks.

Environmentally conscious and economical

The machine allows you to reuse materials, which is both good for the planet and your bottom line. By vacuuming up recycled materials in either a big bag or a container, you can effectively sort environmentally.

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