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ISOPRO1 4000

The ISOPRO1 4000 is the most powerful electrical insulation machine on the market. The machine has been developed for insulators with a need for large capacity and extra blowing power. The machine is equipped with 3 powerful fans, 3 auger shafts placed in a rolled bottom, and extra fine graters above the lock. The machine was developed and produced by Isoleringsmaskinen A/S.


Weight610 kg
Dimensions (bxdxh) 174x100x180 cm
Airlock33 x 50 cm
High performance stepless motor
Engine2 1,5 KW motor w/ gears
Powersupply 3 x 16 Amp
Hose Connection Ø102mm
Work area Up to 100m
Amounts Of Material
Per hour (Turbo fan)
Glass wool 1.500 kg
Cellulose/wool paper 1.900 kg
Stone wool 1.400 kg
Tree fiber 1.300 kg

6 Channel remote control
30 m hose Ø76

LEASING (excl. vat)

Only in Denmark
PRICE (excl. vat)

EURO 17.664,-

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