Insulation Machines - Isoleringsmaskinen

Robust insulation machine made in Denmark. IsoPro1 300 is highly portable and rugged enough to be used as a rental machine or by the general contractor who needs an occasional insulation machine. The machine only uses 230V (10 amps)

EURO 3.422,-

The insulation machine is manufactured to meet the needs of busy contractors. The machine has large wheels for easy transportation. It is user-friendly and effective. The most powerful 230 volt (13 amp) machine with blower on the market.

EURO 6.040,-

Insulation machine for the professional insulation contractor, which can be used for all types of granules. 2 x 230 volt (13 amp) machine with large capacity and wide materials drawer.

EURO 8.710,-

The ISOPRO1 4000 is the most powerful electrical insulation machine on the market. The machine has been developed for insulators with a need for large capacity and extra blowing power. The machine is equipped with 3 powerful fans, 3 auger shafts placed in a rolled bottom, and extra fine graters above the lock. The machine was developed and produced by Isoleringsmaskinen A/S.

EURO 16.100,-

he ISOPRO1 VAC is a robust vacuum suction machine for the professional insulation contractors and demolition companies. ISOPRO1 VAC is designed for the fast and safe removal of insulation granules, insulation batts, clay deposits and Leca from lofts, floor separations and cavity walls. The machine can also be used for cleaning up after fire and water damage. Materials intended for reuse can be fed into an insulation machine direct, and the waste products can be blown directly into sacks or a container.

EURO 4.012,-

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